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Fescol - Fundación Friedrich Ebert

FESminismos aims to be a platform for all feminisms, which brings together diverse material on current issues of the regional feminist agenda in Latin America. This platform enhances the work carried out by the national offices of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation with their own feminist networks of various organizations and movements, making their voices visible and at the same time delivering a rich source of current news and analysis that contribute to urgent debates and encourage the exchange and mutual support between feminists throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Turning around the thematic axes ‘Bodies’, ‘Power’, ‘Economy’ and ‘Rights’, this page is offered to share and gather contributions from various feminisms from different contexts in one place. Putting the theme of ‘Economy’ as the central axis, we also want to support the emerging debates on these issues, showing and debating the link between the struggles of feminists and workers, feminists and ecologists, feminists and human rights defenders, feminists and democrats, causes that often come together in the same person.

Team: Facundo Hidalgo, Jorge Parada, Mariana Murcia, Ana Maria Montenegro. Design by Juan Pablo Mejía

This project is published
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